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Hello 2011


Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Goodbye 2010, and HELLO 2011

Yeahh, goodbye 2010. Hello 2011. Uhhh, 2010, full of memories. Next year, 2011. Omaigod, PMR.  Time flies VERY fast. And guess what? I can still remember the day yang aku daftar dekat sekolah masa form 1. Tahun depan pulak form 3. I repeat form 3!

Give a round of applause for 2011!

*hands clapping*

What Was Your...

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1. Last beverage: Revive.
2. Last phone call: My brother.
3. Last text message: To my friend.
4. Last song you listened to: Just a dream-Nelly, ohh gosh, so cool.
5. Last time you cried: I forgot.


6. Got back with someone you’ve broken up with: No.
7. Been cheated on: Dunno.
8. Kissed someone & regretted it: I kissed my sister and why would I regret it?
9. Lost someone special: Yes :(
10. Been depressed: YES.
11. Been drunk and threw up: I don't drink. Haram. Threw up? YES.

12. Blue
13. Black
14. White


15. Made a new friend: Yeahh, she's awesome! <3
16. Fallen out of love: Dunno. I don't have the 'love' feeling.
17. Laughed until you cried: Yes, with my friends.
18. Met someone who changed you: I sure did. 
19. Found out who your true friends were: Yeah.
20. Found out someone was talking about you: Yep, and I'm not happy. Mark my words you're gonna get what you deserved :P
21. Kissed anyone on your Facebook friend’s list: NO. NEVER.
22. How many people on your friends list do you know in real life: 80% - 90% maybe? 
23. How many kids do you want?: I never thought of that.
24. Do you have any pets?: Have? Nope. Had? Yes.2 rabbits. It died. 
25. Do you want to change your name: I LIKE MY NAME, although it's SHORT. AFIQAH <3
26. What did you do for your last birthday?: Celebrate it of course :)
27. What time did you wake up today?: 6.15 a.m
28. What were you doing at midnight last night? I watched a movie. A 'cool' movie :D 
29. Name something you CANNOT wait for: HARRY POTTER AND THE DEATHLY HOLLOWS PART 2 :)). Part 1 was awesome!
30. Last time you saw your Mother: About a minute ago.
31. What is one thing you wish you could change about your life?: I wouldn’t change a thing. I love my life ;)
32. What are you listening to right now: Music while typing. 
34. Who is getting on your nerves now?: So far, no one.
35. Most visited webpage: Facebook / Tumblr / Youtube / Twitter / Blogger.
36.What’s your real name: Afiqah Binti Abdul Rahim
37. Nicknames: Afiqah, Fiqa, Fiqah, Iqah. Yeahh. Choose one. 
39. Zodiac sign: Gemini.
40. Male or female?: Female.
41. Primary School?: Sekolah Kebangsaan Kubang Kerian 3.
42. Secondary School?: Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan Agama Melor. 
43. High school/college?: ---
44. Hair color: Black.
45. Long or short: Medium.
46. Height: Dunno. I'm 155cm and over. Decide yourself.
47. Do you have a crush on someone?: Nope.
48: What do you like about yourself?: hmmm, honestly, I don't know. Try answer it yourself. :P
49. Piercings: None.
50: Tattoos: None.
51. Righty or lefty: Righty.


52. First surgery: No.
53. First piercing: Never.
54. First best friend: Sarah Adni
55. First sport you joined: Rounders :)). When I was 9 years old. Yeahh, cool ;))
56. First vacation: Can't recall
57. First pair of trainers: - 


58. Eating: I'm not eating. 
59. Drinking: Apple juice.
60. I’m about to: Reblog photos on tumblr.
61. Listening to:Megan Nicole.
62. Waiting for: 17 June 1996. My birthday. Happy birthday to meeeee ;))
63. I’m feeling: Happy.


64. Want kids?: Hmmm.
65. Get married?: Dunno.
66. Career: Undecided. Lawyer?  Doctor? Accountant?
67. Lips or eyes: Eyes.
68. Hugs or kisses: HUGS.
69. Shorter or taller: Taller.
70. Older or Younger: Younger.
71. Romantic or spontaneous: Spontaneous.
72. Nice stomach or nice arms: Arms lah :P 
73. Sensitive or loud: Not sensitive, not loud. In the middle lah. 
74. Hook-up or relationship: Dunno.


75. Kissed a stranger: NO.
76. Drank hard Liquor: NEVER.
77. Lost glasses/contacts: YES :P
78. Sex on first date: WTH? NO! NEVER!
79. Broken someone’s heart: I think so.
80. Been arrested: NEVAHH.
81. Turned someone down: Yes.
82. Cried when someone died: Yeah.
83. Fallen for a friend: haha. entah.

84. Yourself: Yes, I do. 
85. Love at first sight: NO.
86. Heaven: Yes.
87. Santa Claus: No.
88. Kiss on the first date: NO.
89. Angels: Yes.
90. God: Yes.


91. Had more than 1 girlfriend/boyfriend at a time: NO!
92. Did you sing today?: Not yet. Haha. I don't sing. I mumble. haha. No lah.
93. Did something illegal?:  Stealing? I stole  my brother's pen. Haha. I borrowed it. 
 94. If you could go back in time, how far would you go?: Very far. I love my childhood.
95. The moment you would choose to relive?: The day that was my birthday :)
96. Are you afraid of falling in love?: -
97. When was the last time you lied?: Yesterday? Can't recall.
98. Are you usually late, early or right on time?: Early kott.
99. Would you give your life to save someone else’s?: No. 
100. Are you afraid of posting this as 100 truths?: Not at all :)

Nota 1 : Thanks to my friend sebab suggest benda ni untuk di-post-kan :)
Nota 2: Maybe post ni post second last for this year. Booo. haha.

Monday, 6 December 2010

71 Q'S and A's

Erase my answers and write down your own. 

1. This is seriously going to get personal, you ready?
- InsyaAllah 
2. If you were caught cheating, would you fess up?
- cheating ? dunno .
3. The last time you felt honestly broken?
- broken ? hmm , can't remember :P
4. Are you craving something?
- oat crunch . delicious
5. If you could have one thing right now what would it be?
- questions for PMR !
6. Would you rather have ten kids, or none?
- dunno lah . never thought of it .
7. What do you hear right now?
- please don't go by mike pOsner 
8. Is your bed against more than one of your walls?
- yup
9. What’s on your mind right now?
- GOLDEN HOLIDAY ! banayk nak mampus :D
10. Are you there for your friends?
- sure yeah
11. Last person to see you cry?
- person ? how about a non-living thing ? my book .
12. What do you do when you get nervous?
- baca doa , think positive
13. Be honest, do you like people in general?
- honest ? maybe no .
14. How old do you think you will be when you finally have kids?
- hahahahahahahahahaha . DUNNO . 
15. Does anyone completely understand you?
- Definitely NO
16. Do you have a reason to smile right now?
-  YES 
17. Has anyone told you they don’t ever wanna lose you?
- hehe YES !
18. Would you be happier if life had a rewind button?
19. Do you tell your mum or dad everything?
- never ever ever. well , I'm not the type yg suka sharing with parents :D
20. Does it matter to you if your boyfriend or girlfriend smokes?
- smokes ? It can KILL you. Wanna die ? Sila lah smoke . MUAHAHAHAH .
21. Are you going to get hurt anytime soon by someone?
- dunno . But I hope not .
22. This time last year, can you remember who you liked?
- don't want to
23. Do you think more about the past, present, or future?
- past and future .
24. How many hours of sleep do you get a night?
- it depends on me . maybe 5-7 hrs ?
25. Are you easy to get along with?
- yeah and no. perhaps yeah
26. Do you hate the last girl you had a conversation with?
- of course not 
27. What was the last drink that you put in your mouth?
- chocolate milkshake
28. What size bed do you have?
- queen
29. Do you start the water before you get in the shower or when you get in?
- before . i waste water . sorry :P
30. Do you like the rain?
- yeahh. cool
31. Do you think someone is thinking about you right now?
- hahahaha what question is this? dunno lah . kalau ada , terima kasih banyakbanyak .
32. Have you ever done something you told yourself you wouldn’t do?
- well yess
33. Would people refer to you as a goodie goodie, bad news, or neither?
- dunno . maybe both . But , I don't care what people say . If you know me , then you'll understand me .
34. Who were you last in the car with, besides family?
35. What’s the last movie you saw in theaters and with who?
- Harry Potter and The Half Blood Prince , with my auntie and siblings :))
36. Have you ever kissed someone who had a boyfriend/ girlfriend?
- hahahahahahahahahahahaha NOO . 
37. Have you ever been hurt by someone you never thought would hurt you?
-  yupp . *sigh*
38. Your parents are out of town. Would you throw a massive party?
-  no , malas nak kemas .
39. Do you regret a past relationship?
- past relationship . tak ada punnn .
40. Would you rather spend a Friday night at a concert or a crazy party?
-  Friday night ? watch movies , do homework and bla bla bla .
41. Do you tend to fall for the same type of person over and over?
-  haha . what ?!
42. Have you made a joke about somebody that made them cry?
- hahahahahahahahahaahah . NEVER
43. Do you care too much about your appearance?
-  tak sangat . Your inner self is much more important . Dontcha think ?
44. Are you a jealous person?
- a bit maybe
45. Have you bought any clothing items in the last week?
- Can't recall .
46. Do you miss anyone?
- yes . my friends :)
47. Last person who made you cry?
- Hmmm , can't remember .
48. Does your ex piss you off?
- I don't even have one 
49. What are you doing tomorrow?
- Tuesday ? will be going to Penang !
50. Are you the type of person who has a new boyfriend/ girlfriend every week?
- Nope . Ishh , playgirl betul laaa .
51. Is there anyone you want to come see you?
- apparently yes
52. Have you ever been cheated on?
- Hahahaha. 
53. Ever given your all to someone who walked away?
54. Do you like cotton candy?
- Not really . Weird ? Who cares .
55. Who was the last person you had a serious conversation with?
-  serious ? haha . I'm the type yg suka ber-joking and bergurau-senda .
56. Are you planning to get knocked up or knock someone up by age 17?
- I'm 14 now . 17 ? I have to think about that ;)
57. Do you have siblings?
- yess . annoying , crazy ones . 
58. Have you ever fallen asleep on someone?
- dunno lah .
59. How has the past week been for you?
- totally B O R I N G (with a double g perhaps)
60. Do you have a friend of the opposite sex you can talk to?
- erm, no.
61. What’s on your mind right now?
62. What were you doing at midnight last night?
- watched movie
63. What is your current mood?
- nervous ,the  result will be out soon 
64. Who was the first person you talked to today?
- My sis . Yeahh , she's TALKATIVE ;)
65. Will this week be a good one?
- Hope so .
66. Anything happen to you within the past month that made you really happy?
- yeah. :)
67. Who were you with last night?
- my family
68. Did you talk to someone until you fell asleep last night?
- yess :)
69. Next time you will kiss someone?
- huh ?
70. Who should start the kiss, the girl or the boy?
- wth ? kissing ? no no no . harammm .
71.Do you have any plans for the weekend?
- yeah :D

Emma Charlotte Duerre Watson

Full Biography 

Eye Colour: Brown
Hair Colour: Blond / Dark Blond
Birth Sign: Aries
Home Town: OxfordShire, England
School: Boarding School
Nicknames: Em, One-take-Watson
Pets: Two cats called Bubbles and Domino

Mother: Jacqueline (Lawyer)
Father: Chris (Divorced) (Lawyer)
Brother: Alex (3 Years Younger)

Grandmother: Freda Watson

- First place in the Daisy Pratt Poetry Competition in '97
- Winning a Phoenix Film Critics' Society Acting Award in 2003
- Young Artists Awards Leading Young Actress in a Feature Film (TPS)
 Phoenix Film Critics' Society Best Performance By a Youth [Female] (CoS)


- Phoenix Film Critics' Society Best Youth Performance (TPS)
- American Moviegoer Awards Outstanding Supporting Actress (TPS)
- Young Artists Award Best Ensemble in a Feature Film (TPS)
- Phoenix Film Critics' Society Best Acting Ensemble (COS)
- AOL Moviegoer Awards Best Supporting Actress (COS)

Emmas Favorites:
Actors: John Cleese
Actresses: Julia Roberts, Sandra Bullock and Goldie Hawn
Colour: Light blue
Music: Bryan Adams, Suzanne Vega, Dido, Samantha Mumba and all the latest stuff on the radio
Animal: Cats
Sport: Tennis, Rounders and Hockey
School Class: Art
Food: Italian food like pizza and pasta
Candy: Chocolate
Clothing: Gap, Harvey Nichols, and DKNY
Harry Potter book: Harry Potter and the Prisoner of AzkabanHarry Potter Character: Hagrid
Harry Potter Scene: The Troll (TPS) and the Gilderoy Lockhart Scene 
Least Favorite Scene: At the end where she hugs Harry (COS)
Harry Potter Spell: Petrificus Totalus
Line: "I'm going to bed, before either of you come up with another clever idea to get us killed... or worse expelled!"
Crushes: Orlando Bloom and Prince William
Favourite Jelly Bean Flavour: Sherbert LemonWhich actress would she like to be?: Jennifer Aniston

- When people caller her Hermione
- When people pronouce Hermione wrong
- Classical and Opera music
- Math, Latin and Geography at school

- Veggies

School Plays: Arthur: The Younger Years [Morgan La Fay], The Swallow and The Prince [The Swallow], The Happy Prince [unknown lead role], and Alice in Wonderland

The Best Way to Describe Emma Watson!! 
This Description for Emma Watson is based on her Horoscope ? Aries
It?s Describe quite accurate for my Horoscope ? Scorpio
That?s why I think this description maybe quite accurate for Emma!!

She thinks the world is watching her through the eye glasses of rose petal frame. She thinks people think and talk about her only about good things and often disappoint to know the fact that they are not true and not even real, so she will feel hurt. She think her path has to be a beautiful one. She think only good things so she prepares and always make arrangement for herself to be in the right path always, quite systematic indeed.

If there is no guy in her life, she will be busy with herself. This seemingly ordinary woman will push herself to meet her goal. Her face mostly will be slim and long, high cheek bone, Eye brow slightly curve up, slight tall more than short, thin lips and she will have quite a confusing or mixture of character.

Sometimes, she will be very careful about guy she will mingle with. She thinks as if she has a main CPU in her head and she could memorize everything from her childhood. When she faces with problems, she will handle them and solving them very well, and at the same time showing other people that she has that capability. She can put her mind in solving problems in crisis better than many other Zodiac. Once she determine to do thing, nothing will stop her.

Woman in this Zodiac could be totally different from one woman to another woman. You could see her in the party dancing like flash dance or dirty dancing, as well you could also see her as an old fashion lady or a geek. She could be someone flashy and wanted by many men, or she could be a cold and non-social person. She will have her own way to win you over. Once she choose you, she will need to be proud of you.

"Love" is not as important to her as "Marriage". Her real goal in life is "Safety" and her position in other people sight need to be "Secure". She plans her life, and socially life easily and very carefully. She is also very artistic and realistic, so if you are a nobody or nothing, no chance because she loves ambition and a good life. She need lots of love,but do not want and do not belief in an occasional or unconventional love.

She is a proud in nature type, so if you see a woman in this Zodiac come from a poor family, she will act like a woman from a noble family by birth anyway (certainly there are always exception). She always look cool even when she is not. She like to make people see her as "secure and confident" even she is a mixed emotion and mixed character type. If she is mad, you can tell right away and she can stay moody for quite a long time.

You never have all her times, for she likes to work hard and also spent some spare times working for charity. You will see woman in this zodiac a "Volunteer" for camp, and if she is in a high society, she will most likely be a president or a V.P. of a "Club". She is a romantic and artistic, but being poor and unstable is certainly not in her dreams. Her beautiful imaginations need to be realistic, for failure is not in her plan.

A Goat always climb high, so either she start from a low point or a high point, she will make sure at the end she will have the best spot. She will not show her ambition, but she will show that she satisfy with herself now. Once you look back she already moved up again , quietly but sure.

If she is your love one, be supportive and understand her. She is stubborn, but she will listen. She will act like a gentle fragile person,but in fact she can stick you down like a super glue without you knowing it.

All About Emma!! 

Funny and Cute things that she have done

She's very critical of herself. When watching herself during the film, she states, "I really am self-critical. I'll say, "Look! I look so stupid. I look so awful!"
Honestly, Emma, you're brilliant and look good!!
How does she feel about the possibility of her and Ron getting together? 
"No way! Ewww! I think it's weird because I'm thinking of myself in the part." 
I'm sure there are millions of others who would love to play the part!
She also printed out labels that said, "Kick Me" and "Punch Me," then stuck them on Dan and Rupert's back.

What she face in school when she is an actress?

Even though Emma Watson is now a huge movie star she says that her life hasn't actually changed that much.
But she did tell CBBC's Newsround that some people at her school give her stick about the film.
She said: "They walk past and go 'Wingardium Leviosa' for the billionth time that day, and I go aaagggghhhhhh!
"But apart from that most people are really nice about it."

Two worlds
She has two very different sides to her life - one full of movies and premieres and the other of an ordinary schoolgirl.
She said: "It's funny mixing the two worlds but I still do everything I used to do
? I still play hockey and do all my sports."
And she said she's much happier with the second movie rather than the first.
"With the first one we had no idea what we were doing.
"The second time round we had experience behind us and knew the cast and crew.
"It was really good fun and everyone was a lot more comfortable with that."