Friday, 24 September 2010

A 'love letter' by my classmate .

Nota 1 : This letter was written by one of my classmates . NOT me . HARAP MAKLUM .

now , you can start reading......

It has been so hard for me to tell you that I love you with my condition and your situation . I don't think that we can be together  . We can talk to each other , but just as a friend , not more than that . Can you love me with my condition ? I don't think so !!! So many difficulties and obstacles that are trying to put us down . Should we stand up to tell the world what is the reality ? But , can we stand up ? Stop thinking , the best way and the right thing is ,,,,
Can I love someone ? Can I be loved by somebody ? Does it sound like it's possible ? Should I give up or should I stand back and face the obstacles without feeling sad .
Can I ?
Is it true that my love will come true ?
These sacrifices seems like nothing .
Between you and me are 
Let me put a full stop to our love story ! Sorry for everything !!! Let me go by my way and I will let you follow and continue your way .


*best gila surat dia nih ! I love it so much ! You rock girl ! Btw , dia tak bagi aku bagitahu identiti dia dekat korang semua . So , TAK PAYAH TANYA lah . It's obvious right ? Kalau mau tahu jugak , korang investigate sendiri lah . Kalau tak boleh jugak , suruh CSI yang buat .

au revoir !